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  1. Congratulations, girl !!!

    You look fabulous !!!

    You are an example for many T-Girls around the world…

    I added a link to your great web in my site…

    Kisses from Mexico !!!

    Your friend Ingrid Islas

  2. Hey Pretty Sheila,
    I will be in Berlin for the film festival in Feb,I’m from New York.
    I love trans girls,could you tell me where would be a good club or bar to meet beautiful trans girls in Berlin?


  3. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cool blogg, cool article in the magayine… I dont get so much german but this I got most of^^


    Nine IZ
    me moi and I
    the blackdressed one with verrrrry long extensions^^

  4. Wonderful docome and see me at
    Ivana xxx

  5. Chris Markham says:

    I am American. I will be visiting Berlin for 6 days in May, it will be my first time to Germany. I was wondering where the drag shows would be between May 15th and May the 20th. Might you be able to point me in the right direction?

    Thank you,


  6. Larz Gaydos says:

    You are such a goddess! IU love the site and all your flicker shots…all I can say is you make me feel so light headed ~ ~ ~ ~ S W O O N ~ ~ ~ ~

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