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Who i am? I think nobody can answer this question… and of course neither do I. Several Years ago i find several pages on the internet and see what possible if you really want to try it. I learned everything i need to realize a good makeup and havin’ a good taste in fashion. I think.. i just wanna show that you don’t have to be gay if you want to be a good drag queen. I never had any problems with the gay community and i joined berlins queer party scene faster as i thought. I really love both worlds – being man, loving my family and of course being the glamorous Sheila Wolf. Now i hope to try helping others with my experiences to be what they want… and so you can read newest tips and tricks for Queer Berlin. By reading this blog you can be a part of it.

  1. Jim Leask says:

    Dear Sheila,

    You are extremely stylish and bright and I like your style!

    Clearly, you are a challenging character!!:)

    My daughter is studying at Weissensee – Yolanda Leask. Check out:
    English Studentin in Berlin


    Jim x

  2. Hi Sheila, love the blog, I’m recently new to berlin, I have been here 4 months, I am currently not dressing up as my knowledge of make up is nothing but I am keen too improve. If you could let me know of any regular clubs for trans and drag queens where i could make contacts and learn more that would be great, then i can start for myself :)


  3. Hey…

    You’re absolutely gorgeous…

    I’m an American guy, 29, with model looks and a great physique visiting Berlin in the middle of September. Was wondering if you had any recommendations for me as to what areas to visit to meet some attractive ts/tv while I’m there.

    First time in Berlin, can’t speak the language, and single…

    Hope to hear from you… I’d love to send you my pics as well…

    You have a perfect look…

  4. Hallo. We’re looking for a Drag-Queen here in Berlin for shooting a musicvideo. Would you hook us up with someone? Please send a short reply to my email address. Thanks very much! Joerg

  5. Hi,
    You have great blog and website and hope maybe even see you in real :)
    Like scott- we are couple, coming Dec 4th to 7th 2008 weekend and look for the right party in town (T-girl and also after-hour Party).
    Will be very greatful if you will answer me soon

  6. Sure i can… if you give me your arrival time i can find some good parties for that period….

  7. scott says:

    im staying in berlin for a couple of weeks, and wanted to go to a good t-girl party. i have had a lot of trouble finding any, because i’ve never been to berlin before, don’t speak german, and don’t know anyone here into the scene. i found your blog today, and wanted to ask you for help.

    are there any good parties or events coming up? i am staying in kreuzberg and would like to have a few drinks with a fun group of ladies. tgirl parties are always a lot of fun!

    i really like your style and your pictures. thank you!


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