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Summer Fashion Trends 2015


As another summer rolls around, so does an entirely new fashion season with entirely different notable trends to previous years. Though many fashion week catwalks are filled with statements that are almost impossible to transfer to retail fashion, there are always a number of trends included that filter down to the commercial side of fashion and grace the window displays of high street stores up and down the country. With the retail market in mind, here are the top three fashion trends for summer 2015.


A on and off presence on the runway for the last forty-five years, khaki is well and truly back for the summer of 2015. The colour has appeared in many high profile collections by notable fashion houses including suede khaki creations at Chanel, military inspired silhouette pieces at Marc Jacobs and a touch of safari chic at Ralph Lauren. Expect to see many of the high street designers to pick up on khaki for their summer creations, bringing the atmosphere of the season’s leading fashion weeks to commercial wardrobes throughout the world.


One notable line of inspiration taken by designers across the board this season is the earthy, edgy tone of the industrial world. This has manifested itself in the strong runway presence of jumpsuits that embody a very fashionable utilitarian look. Ralph Lauren, Dior and Gucci have all presented edgy, couture all-in-one jumpsuits, given a high fashion emphasis with bold accessorizing including statement jewellery, bold leather belts and over sized scarves. In attempting to reclaim the jumpsuit from the warehouse and reinstall it in to more sophisticated and demure situations, the summer may just witness the traditional power suit being replaced with something a little more one-dimensional.

Polka Dot

A print that has laid dormant few a number of seasons but is now very much back at the forefront of trend, polka dot has witnessed something of a rebirth on the runways of 2015’s fashion weeks. Used both sparingly and boldly by high profile fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana, the only rule for the summer 2015 version of the polka dot is that it is exclusively limited to black and white colour combinations. Of all the prints, polka dot is something that can be very easily and effectively transferred to the retail designer market, both in the form of statement clothing and in accessories such as scarves and bags.

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