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Retro Fashion for Glamorous Casino Night-Outs


From luxurious playing rooms to five-star hotels, the whole experience of playing at a casino definitely entices people to dress up for the occasion. Whether you are in Las Vegas or in Monte Carlo, it’s always the perfect day to wear a slick three-piece tuxedo or a flamboyant evening gown. But if you are looking for ways to spice up your wardrobe, you can always go retro and add your personal, glamorous twist to it.

With designer labels creating new collections every year for spring and winter, one thing is absolutely clear: fashion changes every season. But trends that had people following from previous decades don’t always go out of style. In fact, once in a while we get to see these trends make a comeback for a number of good reasons.

If you want to go full 60’s mod, it’s not so difficult to miss out Twiggy’s iconic bold looks that initially meant modern or minimalist. But there weren’t really any minimal designs in the 60’s because the era’s fashion was big on colours and took its ideas from powerful patterns and geometric icons. And don’t forget Mary Quant’s role in popularizing the swinging mini skirt! A-line mod dresses with graphic black-and-white blocks or bold colours pop in any present day casino room.


It’s amazing how many people still revert to Elvis Presley’s signature style for fashion advice until today. In 2007, a compilation of his most famous hits, called Elvis the King, has fans captured once more. In fact, online casino operator, Castle Jackpot, celebrates the rock n’ roll icon with its Elvis the King slots game. Sporting bell bottom jeans, as Elvis would wear it, is both fashion-forward and retro, as long as you pair it with the right shoes and the right accessories.

For the more laid-back yet sophisticatedly edgy, it’s the 70’s Bohemian look that complements them. Make sure to pair up your favourite peasant dress with a modern pair of heels to achieve an ensemble that blends in with the gaming crowd.

Going retro for a luxurious casino fix isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be. With the right mix of old trends and new accessories, you are sure to make a glamourous statement in any casino you invade for example at Spielbank Berlin.

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