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The Making of Morten Harkets Video – i’m the one


It surely is some time ago that a band impressed me with a perfectly-drawn music video on TV channels that today have almost completely disappeared. The band members of A-ha literally became superstars overnight. The voice of Morten Harket amazes fans all over the world for about 27 years and this somehow makes him unique – because he can still do that, quite in contrast to most others. In the preparatory interviews for my role as a drag queen / female impersonator in his new video “I’m the One” those people realized that I possess some uniqueness myself – next to a lot of changeableness. What I am trying to say is that the difference “before” and “after” is definitely a big contrast and enables me to lead a normal life far away from all glitter and glamour – well, maybe not anymore ;-) You can say that we, the drag queens, sometimes have it quite easy to live “the good sides of life” behind a shield of make-up, but this is not really true anymore. I don’t follow my former dictum to never to mix both personalities as strictly as I did in the beginning. Therefore, the decision to make this video was maybe not predictable, but really exciting, yes, maybe even necessary and, as so many times before, I have no idea about what to expect… but… however,..I will see it and, of course, report it all live to you… because nothing is more unique than life itself ;-)


But now, let’s talk about the actual work. Quite early in the morning, I think had even been still dark outside, I had to get ready to get picked up by the driver, having about 10 suitcases of luggage, to travel to far-away Wedding. This was where the first set was shot and again, it was a sensational film crew, which was so much fun to work with. The crew of “Mutter&Vater” already shot videos for Lena, Beatsteaks, Fettes Brot, Xavier Naido and many more – this was only one of the reasons why I felt immediately comfortable working with them. My role in this video is quite clear, so I will not bother you with any further detailed descriptions – but, let me just say – I popped some bottles and tamed some beasts ;-) Thrilling, isn’t it? Well, for me it was, especially in the second location – the great Admiral’s Palace which has an amazing stage and on which I stood on the right side for the first time. The impression was just great. Maybe, one day, there will be a Wild Roses Revue again, maybe with me… who knows. And then I met Morten. Actually I expected myself to be quite nervous, since he had been one of my most beloved popstars back then… But, after having met Laday GaGa I know… popstars are just as human as you and I. Morten was really nice and so communicative. Well, quite in contrast to his grimly-faced manager of bodyguard, I have no idea what the occupation of this huge guy was… Morten Harekt, however, did not lose his respect for common people after all the years of showbiz. Congrats!

Morten Harket — I'm The One – MyVideo

I myself own „Take on me“ on vinyl and used tob e a big fan for a long tum and now I stood on stage next to the voice of A-Ha while a huge HD camera was filming his music video – it is amazing what a life as a drag queen will get you to. Even though some years have passed by I can say that this man did only gain but not lose anything, just like Sean Connery, be it charisma or handsomeness. The day left me with many interesting impressions and after 14 hours I was happily brught back to Berlin’s south.

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    Morten Harket is a great artist and the video is incredible. I was looking for more information about how it was done and found this page. Thank you so much for sharing how this experience of working with him was for you. As a fan I’m always interested in knowing about the partnerships of the guys from a-ha in their work as a band and in their solo careers.


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