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The red carpet in Berlin for “The Artist”


The inivitation hit me unpepared during my stay in Dubai, about which I still have to tell you so much. Already during my research on the new silent movie “The Artist”, which by far is the most wonderful Sean Penn movie since “Chayenne” and due to the unique jewel at Kantstraße, the “Delphi” cinema, one of the last non-multiplex theatres, I realized this film has potential. So I called up Dana and Sandra and hit the red carpet. Unfortunately I’m just famous enough to get a white wristband, which means – waiting and standing in line, enjoying some bad weather. In Dubai we used to have valet parking service… i just love it…drive by – get out of the car – and enjoy the event.


The Delphi Theatre, however, was all heated up and after two glasses of bubble water I felt fine again. After a short speech the experience started and it was like you took a journey in a time machine. Silent movies in black and white, in the year 2012 this is an adventure. But this adventure became more beautiful from minute to minute. The setting and the idea as well as the play of the amazing actors and the atmosphere of this theatre fit so perfectly together. The event organizer asked us to wear appropriate outfits – be glamour or roaring twenties were the right choice. Not everybody is familiar with boheme sauvage – which to me is the incarnation of a 20s party. Currently, a similar concept is introduced in Magdeburg, which might be just as exciting.


But back to the film: The plot is told quite quickly. A successful silent movie star has his trouble to adopt to newer times and he refuses to move over sound film and gets outcast. Just shortly before his fate took his lifeblood from him a misjudged love saves his life and everything turns into good again.


The film has many silent moments, wonderful pictures and a loving eye for the details, even if some people tried to tell me the opposite at the after party. The make-up obviously was the main point of criticism of most people, but seriously was just no remake of old classics like “Metropolis” or “El Gaucho”, but a love declaration to the retro boom of the past years and a challenge. This movie from Michel Hazanavicius is a must for all that love the past, but also for all of those who want to see a great idea beautifully transported to the screen – but remember, the choice of the cinema has its effect to the charme of your evening. Berenice Bejo as well as main actor Jean Dujardin, who I already knew from OSS 117, took us along on a journey to the past. Of course I also have to mention John Goodman, James Cromwell and Malcom McDowell. All of them amazing classics from film history. So from January 26th Berlin will screw 3D – and go back to the wonderful silent film !!! and back to movie theatre culture!

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