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Bread & Butter Opening 2012 Airport Tempelhof


The Bread and Butter Opening Party doesn’t have it easy. Every year it has to go beyond the borders of the last one. Every year it has to top the expectations of thousands of participants. In Winter time, the Bread and Butter Opening Fashion Show Party always takes place in a huge tent. This year, the number of visitors was strictly limitet to 2000 people, which was good, because once you passed the entrée in the main hall you stood in front of a black curtain which marked the entrance to the arena in which FUERZA BRUTA were supposed to perform.

However, the waiting time for the show, shouldn’t really have bothered, because there were nice snacks… yes, really delicious snacks. The only problem you literally had to catch these little things, because the guys who carried them were quite clever: They knew how to get the amazing pieces from the catering area through the masses into the most hidden corner. A strategically clever place right next to the food area was absolutely worthless :-)



Then, they opened the arena and of course, the curious audience headed in. However, I’d like to thank my own laziness that it made me decide against the show, because, thinking of standing in the masses, with my huge hair and these huge high heels would not have been fun at all.

And so everything was perfect. Avantgarde meets special effects, incredible images support the atmosphere and music melts into movement. All of these elements were involved and the imagery was brought into the masses. Argentinian Fuerza Bruta truly were a highlight – it was almost POETRY.

Next to some shows at the wonderful Hebbel Theater many years ago I rarely got to see such amazing images. But everything has its end. And just at this moment, the Bread & Butter Opening Party turned into a mega disco scenery alla IBIZA. Laser, Lights and loud music reminded us of the times at the metropol or of these typical dicsos of Ibiza. You know, since we all get older and my ears are a bit more sensitive, the loudness soon got a bit annoying, but it was the funny conversations with Mr. Silverwings that kept me there und that I wished I could have enjoyed a bit longer – but the volume of the music was playing against it.

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