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Batman – The Action Show at O2 World Berlin


Berlin and Germany is reigned by corruption and violence… This is what reality just looks like. Presidents come and are made go, stock market people and business men divide the city among themselves. Truth is – the world… no.. we need a dark knight… an indescribable hero…. A dream… a batman live musical… oh no, it’s actually no musical… THIS definitely is NOT a musical. Batman live is a absolutely new live action variety theatre spectacle of a kind that has never been there before. And this is what you realize right in the first second – in a positive and in a less positive sense as well.


But let’s start with the highlight of the events. Batman live needs a huge location to take place in. The O2 Arena in Berlin might be huge, but doesn’t realy have the charme and the atmosphere of a TIPI stage or a charming little wintergarten. But it probably doesn’t intend to either. The O2 arena need pompous shows like the dinosaurs of the rock and pop world and a musical.. uhhh action theratre like BATMAN live. Just in the beginning of the show we were impressed by the huge LED installation in shape of the BATMAN logo which showed video stills and animations throughout the whole show.

But before we got our PREMIUM seats (thanks to UTE and BEUTE), there was some stuff to do. As one of the oldest super heroes of the DC Comics – yes, I accept my 32 years ;-) … it was up to me to create the my new super hero group. I somehow felt like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. In times when a virus reins the city… I’m talking about a cold / flu virus which makes it really hard to get all the mega super comic heroes together. But of course, a wonder woman doesn’t give up that fast. Till the last day wonderful women turned into super heroes. And let me tell you one thing… the people outside the premium area really enjoyed the view on us. Full of hope kids ran into the arms of amazing Wolverine… and grown kids of male gender enjoyed the tight costumes of the female super heroes :-) Additionally, there were the cameras of German Television Channels of N24 and RBB..and a sweet Patricia Pantel, who had to deal with the various universes of super heroes. And – we even proclaimed a reunion of DC and MARVEL :-)


The show offers many special effects, artistic and amazing costumes. The images of the stage was colorful, impressive and loud. An intensive base and cool action sounds really had us. But: Who made the decision that the actors were not allowed to speak live? Why? Unfortunately the whole show is playback, at some points of the show, e.g. when HarleQuin appears that doesn’t really matter, because she was synchronized amazingly. The Joker was okay, too. But there were some parts that were really irritating. However, this show was something completely new – and a nice experience for every bat fan.


All of those who like to enjoy these special effects personally have their chance till Januay 15th in Berlin’s O2 Arena. After things will get packed and moved to Hamburg, Vienna, Hannover and Cologne. This goes out to all super heroes…. And of course to all super villains. Get your capes and spandex bodysuits (and do some sports and exercises) and visit this live comic als Poison Ivy, Harlequin, Catwoman, Pinguin, Joker, Batman or Robin. Of course, you can turn your character as well into a male as into a female version…. :-)

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