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Berlin Fetish Weekend 2011 – Equipage Club Opening Party

My last visit of the Equipage, on Helloween, already surprised me. Even if it shows you almost the same “toys” like the Insomnia does, the atmosphere and decoration was way more elegant. The official opening party of the Berlin Fetish Weekend took place in exactly that kink-burlesque surrounding and even though it wasn’t too well visited, it didn’t appear wrong to me to get my latex outfit out of my closet. Next to the typical black catsuits there were quite stylish presentations. I actually found it quite sensational that there was a person showing off his love for quadruped by wearing an amazing horse costume. And if I coincidently hadn’t arrived at about the same time, I would have gone completely wrong in guessing the sex of this thing. The trick in it: Inflatable latex that can impressively simulate feminine shapes.
But there were also international guests that presented amazing costumes, some of them were handmade and created with so much love. Actually, to me it was a bit like the German Fetish Ball. Just the opposite of that typical Kitkat kind of get together. Well for me, latex only has one tiny small: It totally activates your perspiratory glands. When my fabulous costume began to fuse with my skin, my common outfit seemed more attractive to me and I got into the SchwuZ. First, because I had already planned it for such a long time to visit Glorias party series, and secondly because I just needed to get let my body breathe. The SchwurZ hadn’t been part of my night tours for a long time and so I was happy to see some well-known faces right at the beginning to share a welcome-Schnaps. First only one.. then the second one.. and then.. and then.. well, whatever. Was just lemon bubbly stuff. Gloria again proved that you really got to know the vibes of the masses to play the right song at the right time.
It is exactly those evenings that really make Berlin what it is: a melting pot of emotions, encounters and sudorific adventures – I like.

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