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Exhibition in Berlin: Marilyn Monroe backstage

© Manfred Linus Kreiner via ZeitMagazin
A picture collection from the 50s that has not yet been released is now accessible in Berlin-Mitte since Wednesday. During the work of the movie classic “Some like it hot” an authentic portrait of the blond bombshell was created – even though this is a question of interpretation, since the photographer allowed the beautiful icon to destroy every picture she didn’t like. Still, it remained unrevealed if she really took advantage of that offer or trusted him blindly. However, an exhibition with photographs from the big inspiration Marilyn Monroe is always worth a visit and you should never not take a chance like that. Especially since it is located in a truly legendary café quite close to the famous “Linden”… So what keeps you in front of your HD TV that actually ruins all movies anyways? Right – nothing!

So until August 14th you can come to Cafe Einstein – “Unter den Linden” and get impressed by the personal photo collection from Manfred Linus Kreiner, that, by the way is presented by ZeitMagazin. See you there – with a nice coffee and a perfect view on the Brandenburger Tor!!

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