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Kylie Minogue @ Colorline Arena Hamburg

After Gwen Stefanie, P!nk and more i had to visit Kylie on her KylieX2008 Tour. But this time my visit of the concert was different. Me and my friends tried to copy Kylie’s outfits of her showgirl and homecoming tour. After days of stitching, threading, sticking crystals and getting all the stuff we need to be a real Kylie, we reached the Colorline Arena of Hamburg in our marvellous costumes. It was a great show – nooo… it was the best show ever of Kylie Minogue and after that… we were the show.
Drag Queens at Kylie Minogue
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We left the Colorline Arena and hundreds of people want to have photos of us… i think ’cause they can’t get a pic of Mrs Minogue – we are the perfect “second” choice to get a glamorous memory. ;-)
And we loved it *smile* … ok. After more than a hour, stopping by to take a photo, we reached the car to drive to another event. We are the VIP modelstars of a Photographer festival. What a strange feeling to be famous *lol* after being target of many cameras we went to the Reeperbahn and found another location to being showgirls. To walk over the “Reeperbahn”, one of the two centres of Hamburg’s nightlife, was another strange experience. We get all reactions people can showing you, positive and of course negative — but thats OK. At the end we had so much fun. I can’t wait to wear this costume again… but i will change a little bit and soon the burlesque showgirl will be back *lol* If you visit Berlin on the CSD Weekend keep your eyes open for Showgirls.

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